Friday, 30 January 2015


After traipsing back and forth to London for events one too many times, I decided it was about time we had a bloggers meet up/networking event in Cambridge! I have taken it upon myself to organise a #CambMeetUp for bloggers throughout the East Anglian region and I would love for you to be involved!
The #CambMeetUp will be happening on Saturday 7th March from 3.30pm to 6.30pm at Revolution Cambridge, Downing Street and I hope you can all make it!
I have confirmed three speakers to come along and I couldn't be more excited about them. Sarah comes from a fantastic company called Sniffy Wiffy, she is a local Cambridge business woman with a range of 'self-examination' beauty products to ensure that men and women are clued up about cancerous signs. Please do have a look at her website if you get the chance ( 
 We have also just confirmed two lovely ladies called Imogen and Julie from Cision UK, a media and communicated company, to come along to provide some blogging and PR tips ( After the event you have the option to continue talking to all the lovely attendees by venturing into the main bar - I will be there if you want a chat!
This event will be publicised through blogs, social media and as a fringe event to tie in with Cambridge Style Week ( which is a fashion based week of fashion shows at Quy Mill Hotel between the 2nd - 8th March.
I have teamed up with the fantastic company that is 'The Blogger Programme’ ( to help support the event and they will be providing some gorgeous tote bags for each attendee. 
I will be working with some great range of brands such as Belvoir and Neals Yard Remedies to provide the attendees with a bloggers goodie bag to take away and review!
Each blog post and social media post will be promoted by The Blogger Programme and will include the hashtag #CambMeetUp so please do tweet with the hashtag!
I really hope that you can all make it and I look forward to seeing you there!
Head to the eventbrite page to register your interest in attending HERE.
If you have any questions send me an email on or tweet me at @Pippa_CTx.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Clashing Time Goes Shopping

Yesterday I went shopping in Cambridge and spent a little bit more than maybe I should have done! I think it was the freedom of having no one with me, it just meant that I was able to walk in and out of shops and try whatever I wanted on, talk to the sales assistants about what looks good and what doesn't, and it felt like I had absolutely no responsibilities what so ever! I know it's crazy as I am only 22 and it's not like I have loads on in my life at the moment, but sometimes if you've been quite good with money and you've made no plans on the weekend then it can be amazing to be a bit frivolous! Let me know what you think of the video and give it a thumbs up.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Clashing Time Says Goodbye to 2014 & Hello to 2015

After the amazing Bloggers Hub #BHTWITTERPARTY I spent the whole of the evening searching through all of the amazing links that were sent to me. This was such an amazing twitter chat and I looked at new brands I'd never heard of before, found out so much about bloggers locally and got advice from other bloggers about a whole variety of things! If you were involved, I'm sure you would agree that there was this fantastic  felt sense of support for one another. I'm definitely getting involved in the next twitter party with Bloggers Hub and am keen to check out any others!

Whilst searching through all the blog links that were sent to me I came across JodieJo and read her post on saying goodbye to the previous year and looking forward to the year ahead. I don't really believe in making new years resolutions as I never ever keep them, but I think it is important to look back on the year you have just finished and see what you did well and what you should be proud of and then look forward to the next year with ambition, belief and positivity about your potential! So here are mine...

5 Positive Things of 2014

1. I went to go live and work in one of the best countries in the world - Australia. I was lucky enough to go away with my boyfriend to Australia for 6 months and it was the most incredible trip I have ever been on. Being able to go to work, socialise and complain about life in the same way as a local would makes a trip away so much better and you feel like you're making the most of your time in that country. If you get to go to Australia, especially Melbourne then definitely do...and tell me about it so I can get all jealous! (T: Pippa_CTx)

2. I became an au pair to the two loveliest girls you could meet. Whilst working in Australia for an Australian branding company, I also worked with a family to look after the two young girls and it was hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had. Of course we argued like sisters as they were only 9 and 11 at the time, but I walked away from my experience as an au pair with so many amazing memories of laughing, gossiping, shopping, beautifying...the list goes on. If you are feeling a little bit stuck in life and want to get away and explore another country, whilst having the security of a job then au pairing is definitely for you! I used Au Pair World to find my family, check it out HERE.

3. I went on a trip of a life time round Australia and South East Asia. Although I was on my own down the East Coast of Australia, I felt so at ease because I used an amazing company called Backpackers World. They help you pick all the hostels, trips, adventures you would like to do and put it into a big package so it is easy for you to follow as you travel through each town and city. Definitely recommend doing the East Coast if you get the chance, there are so many beautiful sights to see. For my trip to South East Asia I used STA Travel and G Adventures to book my group tour and again, although I was on my own, because I joined a group of like minded travel enthusiasts, I got to explore 4 beautiful countries in safety!

4. I got the job of my dreams. A few months ago after applying to quite a few jobs (about 250) I was accepted to work as a Marketing & Projects Executive in Cambridge. I know it sounds like a cheesy thing to say but I genuinely enjoy going to work as my projects are all so much fun. I never thought I would be lucky enough to enjoy my job so much at such a young age as I know a lot of people to struggle; but I feel so fortunate and definitely want to try and progress as much as possible within my company.

5. I celebrated three years with my man. Being in a relationship isn't always the easiest thing because everyone has their ups and downs; but I can easily say that through everything we have been through in life over the past three years, I am happy to have gone through it with him. We are both at such exciting times in our lives right now and I can't wait to see how things progress in the next three years.

5 Things to Look Forward to in 2015

I am going to keep these short and sweet as I don't know what will come from this list, but hopefully good things!

1. I am working on an amazing project at work called Cambridge Style Week - imagine London Fashion Week, but on a much smaller scale and with lots of Cambridge retailers. Going to be a great opportunity to network, gain experience and also blog! I have been selected as one of the bloggers for CSW so will be blogging on here and on their site. 

2. I will be blogging/vlogging a lot more. They are both my passion, but finding the time to do it is really difficult. When you work 9-5 monday to friday, all you want to do when you get home is slump somewhere in your pjs - but I have decided that I am not going to do that anymore and i'm going to get organised!

3. I will be moving out at some stage this year! Not sure exactly when as it is completely dependent on funds, but I think it is quite an exciting thing to look forward to as it will be my first proper non-uni style place to call my own.

4. I am going to attempt to get healthy. Now everyone seems to be talking about this at the moment and to be honest, I am struggling to even think about it, let alone actually do it! My motivation is that although people say 'you look fine', 'you don't need to lose weight', 'you look the same as always'...underneath it all, I don't look the same or fine and I would like to spend some time toning up. I need help, I will hold my hands up to that, but I am hoping that this goal will be successful for 2015!

5. I'm being proactive and getting myself invited to and involved in interesting projects. I need to get my name out there and network and make sure that people know what I am capable of! Being invited to PR events is amazing for so many reasons, mainly get to meet people, you get exposed to new things and you get to relax in a situation where you are a guest and that is all! The combination of those three is just perfect for me and I can't wait to get myself out there! (Even if there are some knock downs on the way).

Let me know your thoughts from 2014 and for 2015! I'd love to know.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Clashing Time talks holidaying in Madeira

Hi All!
Hope you're all doing really well and all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year break. I have had the loveliest past month and have been a bit of a jet setter! My first trip was to the portuguese island of Madeira and this was certainly the most relaxing week I have had recently. I spent the whole holiday sunbathing, eating gorgeous foods and drinking great drinks. Sometimes you just need to get away and relax for a few days to make you help you get your head straight and come back to reality with a clear mind. Madeira is such a beautiful country and it only has about 260,000 people in the whole country, so it is definitely a lot more peaceful than England! If you need a little break away then definitely have a look at Madeira as a potential holiday destination. Worth a visit!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Clashing Time on this week's purchases

Hi Everyone!
It's now officially 2015 and I have been on a bit of a shopping spree this week. I came back from Paris with my boyfriend in the early hours of this morning and had the best time ever in the freezing cold French weather! Before I left, I went on a bit of a spree through Cambridge for some essential items I needed for my trip...
1. I don't know about you but when the weather is cold and windy, my hair seems to get greasy very easily! Batiste dry shampoo in original is my absolute hair is so thin and weak so I have to rely on Batiste to fix my hair between days out exploring the city and eating in the fantastically scrummy Parisian restaurants. Buy it from Boots HERE.
2. As it has been getting so much colder recently, my little flats or ankle boots have just not been fit for purpose! I realised that it was definitely time to invest in some proper leather black boots to keep my legs warm. I didn't know how much I wanted to spend, but all I knew was that I had to buy some good quality boots so I can wear them none stop through to April/May time. These beauties are classic Orinoco Eave casual boots from Clarks, previously £99.99, but I got them for £64.99 in the sale! 
You can buy them HERE.
3. Next on my spree was the Mango Faux Fur Appliqué Coat. This quilted feather coat has a convertible fur collar and the loveliest fluffy lined pockets ever! I was going to do this post before I went to Paris but didn't have time, but it now it means I can officially vouch for the fact that this is the warmest coat I've ever owned and I am so glad that I made this purchase. This coat was previously £119.99 but in the January sales I got it for £59.99 and it is definitely my favourite item I've bought recently. You can get this beauty in the sale still HERE.
4. The last item from my trip is a beauty item I can't live without. The No7 Match Made Concealer was selected especially for my skin tone using the match made service in Boots and I couldn't be happier with the selection. The colour is a perfect concealer colour to hide my blemishes and dark under eye circles for only £7.50. I actually bought this concealer with a Boots No7 voucher which took a few pounds off, making it even better value. Make sure you shop the concealer collection HERE.
Have you bought anything great recently? Please do let me know!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Tag 2014

After reading Stacey from Beautiful Solutions' Christmas Tag 2014 post I really wanted to find some time to do my own on Christmas Eve! Unfortunately the excitement of everything meant that time got away from me and I completely forgot to do it! So after a fantastic festive day with all the family, I have found some time to blog whilst sat all cosy on the sofa watching Downton Abbey! 

What is your favourite Christmas song?
My favourite Christmas song is definitely Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'...but an even better version is definitely from Love Actually when the cute little American girl is singing to her classmate (Liam Neeson's on screen son). You must have seen that? If not, youtube it. She turns round and points at him whilst singing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', adorable moment!

What is your favourite festive drink?
Although it may not be very festive, I love pink champagne on Christmas day. It has always been a tradition on my mothers side of the family and since my grandmother passed away earlier in the year, we have been keen to continue as many of the amazing things we have grown up with whilst spending Christmas in her beautiful home over the years.

Do you have a favourite Christmas film?
I think it is quite easy to answer this, of course it is Love Actually! The incredible variety of story lines and great actors make it the loveliest movie all year round, not just at Christmas time. I recently came back from holiday with my mother and as we landed on the weekend it was really busy so it felt like the beginning and closing scenes of Love Actually. Everyone running to cuddle family members, laughing, crying and exhausted after some time away! 

What is your favourite festive makeup or nail art look?
I am a bit useless with my nails nowadays since removing my gels but luckily this year, my father came to my rescue and bought me some beautiful Dior nail varnish (post to come)! On Christmas day this year we decided to be rather relaxed with our clothing and that was the same with our hair and makeup. I went for a simple look with some red lipstick to jazz it all up a little and left my hair to fall naturally. 

What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time? (LBD? Christmas jumper? PJ’s?)
As I was growing up, it was very important for us all to buy an outfit for Christmas day and we would make a real effort whilst visiting all the family throughout England. Nowadays as we have a smaller family, we spend it all together in our Christmas jumpers on our top half and cosy clothing on our bottom half (with fluffy socks of course). The whole day should be about enjoying each others company and making sure that the day is spend as relaxed as possible!

Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from inside with the fire and a cuppa?
I think it would love a combination of both of these. Maybe spend half an hour outside running around and being childish with each other, and then quickly run inside to thaw out in front of the fire with blankets, tea and biscuits!

Wrapping presents - love or loath?
LOVE! I think there is nothing nicer than making a present look all beautiful to go under the tree in the weeks running up to Christmas. My other half is not quite so optimistic about the idea of wrapping and I spent an evening last week basically re-wrapping all of his family gifts!

What is your favourite Christmassy food?
The stuffing in the roast, whatever kind of stuffing! Once it is covered in gravy and on the same fork as some brussel sprout and turkey, it is always a treat!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
I definitely think it is the simple honesty and generosity of family. Making an effort to all see each other, sit down to a gorgeously over the top meal and talking about all the great parts of the year! Presents aren't important to me, if I got to see each and every member of my family but had to sacrifice presents then I happily would. I think it should be all about enjoying the wonderful people that surround you!

Hope you have had a fantastic day celebrating Christmas!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Clashing Time Talks Judy's Vintage Fair

Last weekend I went to the fabulous Judy's Vintage Fair at The Guildhall on Market Square, Cambridge with my two friends. We had such a leisurely day walking around all of the different sellers stalls and even got to stop for tea and cake in between browsing. Whilst I was there, I bought two beautiful scarves and I had to seriously restrain myself from buying lots of other little bits and pieces. The fair had everything from jewellery and hats to bags and fur coats and if I had all the money in the world, I would have come home with quite a few big bags full of vintage treats! Have you been to any of the vintage fairs around the country? What's your favourite vintage piece you have picked up in the past? 
Let me know! CT x

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Clashing Time Talks Candles

There are a lot of lovely things about Christmas time, but the one thing I definitely love more than anything is the candles. The nights are drawing in as it gets darker and darker so much earlier, everyone curls up on the sofa with a cup of hot tea and a blanket and the perfect thing to help set the mood is to light a beautifully Christmassy smelling candle. When I was at University, I used to light candles to relax and de-stress after a hard day studying; when i'm having a calm evening in with friends I light candles; when i'm having a romantic dinner I light candles...and when Christmas comes about, the first thing I go to buy is candles. There are so many beautiful ranges out at the moment and without a doubt I will get a few of them for Christmas! Where are your favourite candles from? Let me know!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Clashing Time Talks BRGRCOTHNKSGVNG!

This week I was invited to 187 Wardour Street, Soho in celebration of the American holiday 'Thanksgiving' for a BRGR.CO tasting! BRGR.CO signifies the very best and unique high-end casual dining experience, where you get to enjoy a gourmet burger in a space that is both sophisticated and warm. The restaurant has such a great classic feel to it like it is a modern day 1950's diner! Their burgers begin with the finest in Australian Angus beef, custom blended and served with a selection of the world’s best cheeses on a homemade toasted bun. They are set to expand this incredible empire soon with a new site on Chelsea's illustrious King's Road this december. The brand, which first coined the concept of “BRGROLOGY” – the science and art of building a better burger - at its first site in Soho (in late 2012), will bring a team of 'Brgrologists', 'Lettuce Analysts' and 'Grill Sergeants' to SW3, and with them, its premium grade patties! 
For the THNKSGVNG burger launch we got to sample some amazing treats! Parmesan and truffle chips, mac n' cheese, chips and chilli, onion rings, and then some incredible turkey burgers. The first was a simple turkey Thanksgiving burger with bacon and a beautifully sweet cranberry sauce in a brioche bun, and the second was the Thanksgiving truffle burger with tasty truffles and provolone. We all had the great idea of cutting them in half and having half each so we could make a decision on our favourite and I think the cranberry sauce made my answer very easy! Sometimes there is an opinion that turkey is one of the dryer meats and chicken is often a little more succulent..but on this occasion, the turkey was beautifully juicy and fell apart so nicely as you bit into it. I can be a little snobbish about burgers as I often complain that they are wayyyy too overdone, but these were exceptionally mouthwatering and moist. Meat this good does not need to be overcooked because there are no flaws to conceal! They have a great selection on the menu, including some incredible desserts and they have definitely proved to me that restaurants can do burgers the PROPER way!!! So let me know, what's your favourite burger fillings? Have you had a turkey burger before? Have you been to the BRGR Soho brand? Let me know!
 BRGROLOGIST   |   [BR·GR·OL·OGY]   |   "One who, with patience & dedication, has learned all there is to know about BRGRS, and is ready to share that knowledge with a fortunate few”

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Clashing Time Talks Easy Saturday Food

As I mentioned in my last post, I am not very much of an adventurous cook. This may not look very appetising, but I love all things pasta! Yesterday I spent the day relaxing and catching up on all my favourite tv shows and enjoying having no plans. I don't know about you but sometimes I just love not having anything planned and spending the day unwinding. When I have days like this, I like to eat simple but tasty food and this is the perfect dish. All you need is: Spaghetti, Sweetcorn, Chopped onion, Chopped tomatoes, Tomato Paste, Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper and Thyme. You can grab anything you have in the fridge and chuck it all in and its a great treat to keep you going through the day! I had sweetcorn at home and added it in, but I normally have peppers and sometimes courgette. You could pan fry these and then put them in, but sometimes peas and sweetcorn are such an easy option to speed up the process! What's your favourite quick and easy weekend meal? Let me know!
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